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You may be looking for a therapist who can provide professional counseling that you, your family, or child needs in order to help manage or navigate difficult stages in life, repair relationships, or correct behaviors. Reaching out to a professional therapist for help and guidance is an important decision. Finding the right therapist is part of the solution.

As a licensed mental health counselor and board certified art therapist, I believe successful outcomes in therapy include developing a trusting therapeutic partnership between therapist and client. Like a water lily growing upward toward the light while being nourished along the way, individuals can grow and blossom from a positive therapeutic experience.

Depending on the needs of the client, such as depression, anxiety, or behavioral issues, my therapeutic approaches may include psychodynamic, strength-based, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and solution-focused treatment interventions. When combined with the use of art therapy in sessions, treatment progress is enriched by increasing self-expression and insight through visual communication. Art therapy is a specialized field in psychotherapy which uses art media and the creative spirit to aid in the therapeutic transformation process.

If you are interested in reaching new heights in personal growth and enrichment for you or your family members, please call me for a free phone consultation to get started. Thank you for visiting today.

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